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PO Box 227

Keswick, VA 22947

Friday Night Jumper Show

Keswick Hunt Club - Upper Ring

626 Hunt Club Rd, Keswick, VA 22947


Are you ready for a thrilling evening of jumping at our top-notch ring? Whether you have a seasoned hunt horse or a green one, we invite you to come and jump around with us! Don’t worry about wearing your show clothes; this is all about having fun and honing your skills. No excuses allowed – just pure enjoyment! 

Pre-entries are greatly appreciated and may be done via the online registration or by contacting Chanda. Entries will be accepted the day of the show. 

Even if you don’t have a horse, worry not! You can still be part of the action. Grab your stick horse, mop, or broom (no judgment here!) and join our intermission races for both kids and adults. Exciting prizes await the champions!

Tailgaters, Get Ready!

We encourage everyone to participate in our tailgating tradition. Bring your friends and your favorite food and drinks to enjoy the evening to the fullest. The more, the merrier! Let’s create a vibrant atmosphere with all our members and friends around the ring for some fantastic tailgating fun.




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