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Foxhunting colors are often regarded as a badge of honor and are awarded to those members that have helped in the hunt field above and

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All on All hounds in, present and accounted for. Away A fox has “gone away” when he has left the covert (cover). Hounds are “away”

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We have three fields of mounted foxhunters to accommodate the hunting experience, riding ability, and fitness of both horse and rider.  First Flight Where: closely

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There are proper conventions and etiquette that participants are expected to follow. Any unsafe, rude or unsportsmanlike conduct will be addressed by the Master up

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Stock Ties

A traditional foxhunting stock tie is a piece of clothing that is worn around the neck and is used to help keep a rider’s shirt

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Ladies Formal without Colors Formal with Colors Informal Black or Navy Cap Black or Navy Cap Black, Navy or Brown Cap Black frock or Melton

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What does “capping” mean in Fox Hunting? Capping is a term used in fox hunting to refer to the moment when the hounds catch up

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The Masters of Fox Hounds Association and Foundation (MFHA) expresses aptly the essence of being in the moment of the sport. “It is a union

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