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Foxhunting Guide

Beginner's Guide to Foxhunting in Virginia

For novices and guests.

Have you ever wanted to try foxhunting but didn’t know where to start? Foxhunting is a centuries-old tradition and is still going strong today. If you’re an equestrian in Northern Virginia, foxhunting is a great way to meet new people, enjoy the outdoors, and support land conservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers about foxhunting with us?

Mid-September through Mid-March.

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday during the season.

Ratcatcher during the week and formal attire on the weekends and designated holidays.

Keswick adheres to the traditional rules of fox hunting as described in a booklet entitled Riding to Hounds in America. An Introduction for Fox Hunters, by William P. Wadsworth, MFH. Copies of this may be purchased from The Chronicle of the Horse.

Fox hunting has rules and protocols to ensure safe, sportsmanlike conduct. These rules and protocols include excellent horsemanship, proper etiquette, appropriate attire, and specific terminology by which the time-honored sport is defined.