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What does “capping” mean in Fox Hunting?

Capping is a term used in fox hunting to refer to the moment when the hounds catch up to the fox. However, it also refers to a day of fox hunting and the fee paid by non-members.

How to Join a Keswick Hunt Club Meet

Step 1 – Have a Virginia Hunting License.

Acquire your license online or through the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries at 1-866-721-6911.

Anyone over the age of 12 who fox hunts, even one time, is required to have a current Virginia hunting license. You do not need to complete the Mandatory Hunter Education if mounted fox hunting is the only type of hunting you do.

Step 2 – Cap as a guest.

Receive an invitation by the Masters to join us for a hunt accompanied by a sponsor member.

Riders under 13 and novice juniors under 18 must have a designated adult out fox hunting with them. Parents/guardians are asked to arrange for this adult in advance of the meet it at all possible.

Step 3 – Arrive early and dressed appropriately.

Guests are encouraged to arrive at the meet at least 30 minutes before the hounds move off. This gives you time to be tacked up and mounted before the hunt goes out. If you are late the hunt will leave without you. Do not try and find the hunt on your own. Remain at the meet until a field master comes through. 

Ratcatcher Attire = Cubbing Season & Regular Season Week Days
Jacket (tweed)
Shirt (collared or turtleneck)
Breeches (earth-tone)
Boots (black dress or brown field)
Protective helmet with chin harness

Formal Attire = Regular Season Saturday
Jacket (navy or black)
Stock tie
Breeches (wheat or canary)
Boots (black dress)
Protective helmet with chin harness

Step 4 – Sign your waiver & pay capping fee.

Before you mount, submit your documents and payment to the Field Secretary.

For current capping fees, click here.

Step 5 – After three guest visits, become a member.

Your sponsor will contact the Board of Governors to request an application.

For current membership fees, click here.