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Stock Ties

A traditional foxhunting stock tie is a piece of clothing that is worn around the neck and is used to help keep a rider’s shirt collar in place. It is usually made from a lightweight material such as cotton or linen and is often decorated with a pattern or logo.

  1. Begin with the narrow end of the tie and place it around your neck so that the wide end hangs down your back.
  2. Cross the wide end of the tie over the narrow end and tuck it underneath.
  3. Pull the wide end of the tie up and over the narrow end, then tuck it underneath again.
  4. Continue to repeat step 3 until the tie is tight around your neck.
  5. Once the tie is tight, take the wide end of the tie and make a small loop.
  6. Insert the narrow end of the tie through the loop and pull tight.
  7. The traditional stock tie is now complete!

For a more detailed tutorial, please watch the video below: