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Junior Foxhunting Day in Richmond

On Friday February 24th KHC junior wrangler Mary Kalergis and Murdoch Matheson MFH went to the General Assembly with six Keswick juniors to meet with their delegates to promote and protect the sport of mounted foxhunting in Virginia. 

Our MFHA lobbyist, Mike Pearson, created and arranged this yearly event and it’s been a wonderful way of both educating our representatives about our sport and giving our juniors an opportunity to see how getting involved in issues you care deeply about can make a difference. Deep Run, Bull Run and Princess Anne hunts had their juniors meeting with their delegates as well. 

At the Bell Tower park next to the State House, the Princess Anne Hunt had their hounds in attendance as Keswick junior Mia Valdez stood at the podium and spoke about the important impact foxhunting clubs had on preserving open spaces before introducing Ryan Brown, president of the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, which was recognized for their part in keeping Virginia’s wildlife and their habitat protected and managed. 

First Lady Suzanne Youngkin was in attendance, and spoke enthusiastically about our sport.  DRH, BRH, PAH and KHC all invited her to come join us in the fun. Afterwords, the juniors joined their delegates and senators in the Capital Building to observe state government in action. Thank you, Mike Pearson, for this creative opportunity to ensure foxhunting is still available for future generations.   

Mia Valdez with First Lady Suzanne Youngkin